Walden offers contemporary styling interpreted in a clean, simple aesthetic and great value.


Criterion soft curves and pleasing contours provide all-day comfort. The seven independent adjustments offer support through the full range of dynamic seating postures.


Height-adjustable and designed to promote movement in the workplace, turnstone’s Buoy’s curved base engages your core as you tilt, wobble and spin.

Campfire Lounge

Campfire Lounge by turnstone bring style to any space with gorgeous fabric options and deep-seat comfort. Energize your team with a soft, collaborative place to land.

Campfire Skate Table

Inspired by smooth-rolling skateboard wheels, Skate Table by turnstone allows you to pull tasks and technology close while working in a lounge setting.tication for the way you work.

Campfire Footrest

Designed as a place to put your feet up, prop the backs of the legs or encourage a shift in weight while standing, Campfire Footrest by turnstone is a small product with a big impact.

Campfire Slim Table

The perfect complement to any lounge setting, Campfire Slim Table by turnstone provides space to get organized, and a discreet power outlet makes it easy to stay fully charged all day long.

Campfire Screen

Enclosed in mesh, Campfire Screen by turnstone creates an office oasis by providing semi-private boundaries.

Campfire Big Table

Inspired by residential kitchens, Campfire Big Table by turnstone draws people together and anchors your space.

Campfire Paper Table

Campfire Paper Table by turnstone, is topped with a giant stack of paper, so you can just load up your thoughts, rip it off and start over the next day.