From I to we, and we to I; Mobi makes any collaborative environment a flexible environment.  Mobi can move from individual work to group work in minutes.  Mobi makes any classroom a smart classroom.  Go from your traditional rows of desks to teams without missing a beat.  Mobi is the simple solution that always makes the grade.


True to its name, the Voyager travels well.  It’s flexible enough to adapt within any environment.  With a tubular deigns that allows for stationary, mobile, nesting, electrified or cross bases, Voyager tables break free from traditional constraints and explore new ways to transform your space.



The Jupiter line transports you to another dimension.  It’s all about strength and stability.  With its solid steel case and unparalleled durability, Jupiter is an out-of-this world solution for those areas where constant usage causes wear and tear on other tables.


The English translation is fitting, because “success” is the expected result when you choose Telesto.  Its unique leg is designed for maximum performance, while generous tabletop options can satisfy the need for numerous applications.  Telesto also spells success when considering the environment and sustainable design.


There’s no two ways about it.  The Oneway line is the only way to setup transitional spaces.  Its legs are designed for easy movement and in-line nesting, and Oneway’s flip-tops feature intuitive controls and integrated power and wire management.  Of course, you can specify Oneway your way, with a multitude of options for the edges and top.


Form.  Function.  Style.  Voluma.  It all follows, and now you know that Voluma is a beautifully sound solution for your conferencing needs – everything from sales presentations to executive gatherings.  Your biggest challenge will be deciding which options to add.


The Marblehead line is sure to turn many heads, even in the high-trac, fast-paced environments in which it performs so well.  Available in seating or standing height, the durable cast iron base works wonderfully well with individual tops, but is simply stunning with Berco’s line of Build On It multi-tiered tops.

iQ Plus

Move to the head of the class when you choose iQ Plus tables.  This intelligent line boasts an environmentally smart combination of style and function, with abundant top and edge options and thoughtfully integrated wire management.  It’s the choice that raises the IQ of your training area.  You might say iQ Plus is so smart, it’s a no-brainer.