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Senza Casegoods

With its design-forward approach to healthcare, Senza ™is our most complete line of casegoods. With equal parts elegance, performance, and flexibility, Senza anticipates the needs of the patient room with cleanable surfaces for greater infection control. And, by providing beautifully integrated television monitors and cord management, it accommodates the changing demands of patient communication and…


Sonata Casegoods

Sonata™ creates a comfortable patient experience by offering defined personal space while supporting the needs of family members, or partners in care. Sonata also promotes workflow among caregivers, providing easy access to supplies, patients, and technology. Inherently flexible, durable, and supportive, Sonata’s modules combine to create an infusion treatment environment that supports evolving work processes…

Waldorf by Steelcase


The elegant Waldorf freestanding casegoods collection creates an inspired, easy-to-customize look for storage in patient rooms.

park by steelcase


Park freestanding casegoods make room for the personal items of families and patients with contemporary, functional design.



Durable and simple, Davenport freestanding casegoods offer smart design for patient room storage.

Senza Collection


Clean and classic, Senza is our most complete line of freestanding casegoods designed for patients and families.

Sonata by Steelcase


Sonata modular casegoods define personal space within treatment settings, providing important amenities to patients and families with easy access for clinicians.

Folio Nourishment Cafe by Steelcase


Folio casegoods deliver progressive, modular storage designed around the changing needs of healthcare places.



Ainsley freestanding casegoods store personal items with familiar and comforting craftsmanship.

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Work Spaces


As the legal industry evolves, its work environments require new approaches. Professionals need high performance spaces that support privacy and focus, as well as collaboration with colleagues and clients.